Art from the European heart

After I graduated as an operational technician, I moved from the Czech Republic to Scotland to gain my work experience.  I became a part of a team working on a project for Scottish artist David Mach and since then I knew that art would be my passion. After this project, I cooperated with another Scottish artist Aegir Maciver before my wife and my I moved back to the Czech Republic where I worked on my art ideas. But we wanted to do more, to see more, so we moved to the other site of the planet. We spent 8 months in New Zealand where I sold some of my art pieces and where I joined performing on streets so people could see my work- which was a huge challenge for me. After moving to Canada in 2017, I kept pursuing my dream.  I became a member of New West Artists group and Arts Council of New Westminter and I display my art regular in New Westminster and now in Vancouver too.


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